5 Weird Wedding Customs

1. Blackening of Bride

blackening of bride

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It is a traditional wedding custom practiced in rural sectors in Scotland. It sounds so strange that brides or bridegrooms are blackened few days before their marriage. Friends and all of the members of family throw things, mainly adhesive at the brides or bridegrooms. Frequently, the couples are driven in back of open-backed truck, accompanied by banging of pans and pots by their captors. There are no any strict rules for this act of blackening the brides, only the couple must be rendered uncomfortable and messy. And the occasion is to be witnessed by many people. It occurs predominantly in the rural areas of the Highlands, north-east Scotland and Northern Isles. It is a typical pre-marital humiliation that the Scottish brides and bridegrooms tolerate in some parts of country. Supposedly, if the person can handle such a weird ritual, then they can handle anything like marriage.