A Pakistani Doctor, who is Already a Father of 35 Wants to Reach 100 to Secure a Place in Heaven

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Now in this 21st century when the world has come too far from the Stone Age, people have been applying various methods for population control. People throughout the globe are planning to have less offspring. It seems that the technologies have ruled over the world. But still there are some places in the world where people are rules by the intense religious beliefs.

Jan Mohammad is a doctor from Pakistan. A devoted follower of Islamic religion is on a very weird mission of producing 100 offspring. He believes that he giving the birth to the 100 children he will increase the followers of Islam and that achievement will earn him a place in heaven after death. The 43-year-old Mohammad has already become a father to 35 children born from his three wives. He is now planning to marry a 4th woman to speed up the process.


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Speaking to a Pakistani newspaper DAWN, he said, “I want to have 100 kids, as the prophet has said that those who increase the followers of Islam will never have to go to the hell.” “With the grace of God, my kids will help to reach heaven”, he added. His current wives, Bibi Naz Gul (currently 32-years-old), Noor Bibi (28-years-old) and Hayat Bibi (25-years-old) have given birth to total of 14 sons and 21 daughters. Two babies were just few weeks ago, but Mohammad have planned to continue his mission by marring again. He believes, “The bigger the family, the better. I hope to find a woman to marry fourth time.”