Do You Believe a Pen Cap Can Save the Life of many Children

biting pen's cap

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You may be wondering about what is the relation between the pen cap and life of children. Obviously everyone is familiar with the ballpoint pens. However, very few people have ever thought about why the pen cap looks the way it does. The new design solution i.e. a hole of the on the top of their popular Cristal Pen’s cap the BIC Company presented in 1991 remained unnoticed by majority.


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Obviously, many people didn’t pay attention to this innovation. The decision to adopt this design which doesn’t seem so significant has saved lives of numbers of children. Precisely, over hundreds of children’s life is saved by this design and smaller number of adults as well. We know that most of the children love to taste all kinds of objects on their hand mainly those smaller objects which fit on their mouth. Additionally, adults also live to chew the cap of pen at the time of their intense concentration upon anything or when they are nervous. Pen caps which can easily get lodged on the one’s windpipe cause them to choke. But in such situations, little hole in the cap helps the one to get oxygen until they could rush to hospital.