First Washable Mobile Phone Launched by Japanese Company

first washable phone

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Your smartphone may always look new and shiny but it’s probably one of the filthiest stuffs you own. The amount of germs and bacteria your phone carries is very high, which is probably why a Japanese company is targeting the germaphobes with world’s first washable mobile. Several smartphones claimed to be waterproof have been on the market for a while. But telecom company KDDI says that its new “Digno rafre” phone is the only one that can be washed in a soap bath. Company’s spokesman said, “ Our development team washed the phone over 700 times just to test its durability”. The $175 gadget is mainly aimed at those parents, who want to keep their smartphones clean and germs free for their kids.

washable smartphone

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The washable smartphone is fully featured smartphone running Android 5.1 & with a five-inch display and 16-megapixel camera. Its USP is waterproof and soap resistant, so that it can be thoroughly soaped under the running water. There is no any risk of water entering the phone as it is completely sealed to keep the water from getting in. this washable smartphone doesn’t even have a speaker, relying instead on a Smart Sonic receiver which transmits the sound through vibrations on the screen.