Now You Can Have a Remember Ring to Memorize Your Anniversary


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Perhaps, many people are tired of setting-up the notifications on your gadget hoping that you will be reminded about your wedding anniversary on time. Now, cheer, because technology has done lot more for making your things get lot easier. People have been business-oriented, so that they can’t remember their special days. But The Remember Ring is a special concept wedding ring that notifies you about your special day by heating up a day before the big day. When the ring starts heating up, then you can know that it’s the time for planning a pleasant surprise for your wife.

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You may be adopting various ideas for remembering the special day of your anniversary despite your busy schedule. However, sometimes you may not be able to remember the day despite your several efforts. Are you fed up with your memory never being able to remember your special day? Are you getting your partner hurt by not remembering your wedding anniversary? Now, don’t worry. A Remember Ring from the Alaska Jewelry is there to act as a solution for you. This amazing accessory looks like an ordinary ring but what is exclusive in it is its fitted with Hot Spot Technology which makes it heat up-to 120 degrees Fahrenheit 24 hours before your special day. Extreme heat in the ring will make the wearer impossible to forget. Every hour, your Remember Ring gets hotter for about 10 seconds till it gains the peak temperature, reminding you that your big day is your doorstep. The Remember Ring is fitted with a battery-charged micro-chip, which convert the heat from your hand into the electricity. So that the battery remains charged and micro-chip clock runs perpetually.