Really an Amazing Invention, a Necklace that can Count Calories you Intake

a necklace

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A computer scientist from the University at Buffalo, New York has come-up with a unique invention. It’s a necklace which is a very amazing way keeps the count of consumed calories. Instead of writing down each meal you have eaten, now you can determine the amount of calorie you take by just wearing the necklace. The necklace determines the intake of your calorie based on sounds that comes when you chew.

This wearable tech device, which is known as AutoDietary works on a simple idea that different sound is produced when you chew different foods. So Wenyao Xu, who came with the idea of this innovative gadget, is now working to create a library that records the biting, grinding & swallowing sounds of various types of food. The library created will be included in the app that supports that necklace which is really very helpful for you.