11 Benefits of Student Council for Personal and Professional Development

InfoKekinian.com – Before you decide to join as an OSIS member, it would be helpful to know some of the OSIS membership benefits that you will receive by becoming an OSIS member.

School is not only a place to learn, but can also be used to improve students’ ability to communicate with others.

Benefits of membership in the Student CouncilAn effective way to improve this skill is to join an organization at school.

A common form of organization in schools is the Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS).

OSIS is a very popular organization with middle and high school students and many students are active in it.

In order to become a member of OSIS, every interested student must first pass the selection process.

This is because the number of student council members is limited and only a few students are selected.

Student council members are students whose ability is above average compared to other students in the school.

However, do you know the benefits of being organized at school, particularly student council membership?

To know something Perks of being an Osisread this article to the end!

Benefits of membership in the Student Council

Here are some of the benefits of OSIS membership:

1. Sharpen the leadership spirit

Joining the student council has several benefits, one of which is that it can improve student leadership.

This is because OSIS members are often required to attend educational and training activities offered by the school.

These activities train OSIS members to fulfill their leadership potential.

So that when representing the school as a member of the OSIS, all tasks set can be completed well and without feelings of inferiority, and with greater decision-making certainty.

2. Add contacts

Joining as a student council member can not only improve leadership but also expand your network of friends at school.

The school’s student council members are made up of students from different classes, so you can get to know other students from different classes.

This means that the number of your friends or acquaintances is increasing. In addition, membership in OSIS also offers the opportunity to meet students from other schools who are also OSIS members.

3. Add experience

add experience
One of the benefits you will definitely get with your student council membership is experience in the organization.

As a member of the student council, you must complete various work programs that are based on the tasks of each individual member.

By working together and completing assigned tasks, you’ll learn and gain experience that you might not have if you weren’t a student council member.

The experience you have gained during your membership in OSIS will probably be a good lesson for you in the future when you face similar tasks or problems.

If you encounter problems or tasks almost identical to those you faced as a student council member.

You will be more prepared and not confused in completing it, and you can be responsible for completing all the tasks set.

4. Organizational Learning

By joining the Student Council, students have the opportunity to learn more about the organization.

The students get to know organizational structures, organizational parts or areas and learn how to work in teams or between teams.

5. Practice discipline

Being on time for meetings is the most important thing in the student council to improve discipline.

In addition, good time management is required so that all work programs can be completed on time. In this way, the student council is the right place to improve discipline.

6. Increase self-confidence and courage

Increase self-confidence and courage
Joining the Fachschaftsrat will help students build their confidence and courage, especially through experience in handling responsibilities and interacting with peers.

If students want to further develop these qualities, joining the student council is the right choice.

7. Take responsibility

As OSIS Administrators, students are assigned a work program that corresponds to their chosen department.

One of the main tasks is to develop, implement and evaluate work programmes.

In addition, students must also be able to deal with problems that arise appropriately and professionally.

8. Train communication

Communication is an important factor in an organization because without good communication the organization cannot function smoothly.

Joining the student council provides an opportunity to interact with peers from different backgrounds and cultures, thereby improving students’ communication skills.

9. Strong mental training

Strong mental training
Another reason for membership in the student council is to strengthen mental strength.

Joining the student council requires students to communicate and interact with other administrators and become coordinators of school activities.

through this process, mental Students get stronger and not so easy to cry.

10. Increase your sense of responsibility

Being an OSIS administrator places responsibility not only on the chair, but on all members involved.

As an administrator, you will be assigned certain tasks that you must carry out as part of the OSIS administration.

For example, if you are the student council secretary, it is your responsibility to create announcements and flyers about school activities to distribute to other students.

11. Learn to regulate yourself

Active participation in the activities of the student council also offers the opportunity to improve skills in dealing with time and tasks.

Students learn to organize schedules and perform their duties as OSIS administrators effectively and efficiently.

This skill will be very useful in the future when students are already in the professional world.

3 reasons to avoid the student council

Reasons to avoid the student council
Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t if you’re looking to join OSIS:

1. Joining the student council just to get involved

Joining the student council must be done with sincere intentions and a strong commitment.

After all, joining an organization requires a high level of commitment and a sense of responsibility in carrying out the tasks assigned.

So make sure you have clear intentions and don’t just go along with it when you join OSIS.

2. The reason for joining OSIS is to get more famous

Joining OSIS gives you the opportunity to meet many friends and expand your friend network.

However, don’t think of this as the main reason for joining the student council, because the main purpose of joining an organization is to gain new experiences and learn how to be well organized.

3. Revenge

Joining the Student Council offers a welcome program for new students aimed at getting to know the school environment.

However, the applied disciplinary programs can be uncomfortable for freshmen.

Therefore, before deciding to join OSIS, make sure that you have the right intentions and do not intend to take revenge for problems already experienced.

This ensures that you are comfortable in the OSIS environment.


This is some information about some of the benefits you will have as an OSIS if you choose to serve on the board of the official organization of this school.

Although there are many benefits that can be gained by joining OSIS members.

However, if you become a student council member, you must be willing to devote or forgo your playing time to fulfilling your duties as a student council member.

These sacrifices will not be a problem, however, as the benefits one gains from student council membership will be of great benefit to your future.

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