How to get a driver’s license – On this occasion, I will provide information on how to apply for a driver’s license. Watch this article till the end.

For individuals who want to make a driver’s license (SIM), it is important to know what is needed in the process of making the SIM.

Having a SIM card proves that you are registered and identified as required by the national police by meeting the standards in force.

How to make SIM A, C, D

How to make SIM A, C, D

Here is how to do SIM A, C and D you need to know:

  1. SIM applicant requirements
  2. Written application
  3. Can read and write
  4. Know road traffic rules and basic motor vehicle techniques
  5. Age limit, among others: 16 years old for group SIM C, 17 years old for group SIM A and 20 years old for group SIM BI/BII.
  6. Ability to drive a motor vehicle
  7. Physically and mentally healthy
  8. Take theoretical and practical exams.
  9. SIM card applicants must attach the original of the valid identity card (KTP) and a photocopy of the KTP.

In addition, SIM card applicants are also advised to bring Driver’s Personal Accident Insurance (AKDP) and a medical certificate that they are in good physical and mental or psychological health.

Step of creating a new SIM card

1. First level

The SIM card applicant must pay a PNBP bank receipt fee through an ATM or bank teller.

2. Second level

SIM card applicants must register by filling in forms (documents), fingerprints and photos.

3. Third step

At this stage, the candidate will take a theoretical exam. The candidate will undergo a theoretical test on laws and regulations, driving skills, traffic ethics and automotive engineering knowledge.

4. Fourth level

The next stage of the exam is the practical exam.

5. The fifth level

This step is the last step, namely the printing of a SIM. At this stage, the applicant is required to provide the owner’s signature and the process of printing the SIM card, as well as the delivery of the SIM card.

SIM charges


  1. Make a new SIM card A, amounting to 120,000 rupees
  2. Extend SIM card A, for 80,000 rupees

2.SIM B1

  1. Make a new SIM card B1, amounting to 120,000 rupees
  2. Extension SIM B1: 80,000 rupees

3.SIM B2

  1. Make a new B2 SIM card, amounting to Rs 120,000
  2. Extend SIM card B2, for 80,000 rupees


  1. Make a new SIM C card, amounting to 100,000 rupees
  2. Extend SIM C, for 75,000 rupees

5. SIM D (Disabled people/special needs)

  1. Make a new SIM D, 50,000 rupees
  2. Extend SIM D, for 30,000 rupees

6. International driving license

  1. Make a new international SIM card, amounting to 250,000 rupees
  2. Extend international SIM card, for 225,000 rupees


These are the terms and how to create a SIM card as well as the manufacturing and extension costs.

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