How to Overcome Hot Android Phone While Gaming

I believe all smartphone users need to install games on it. This is not surprising, because a smartphone without games feels boring. This is also because there are now many interesting games with high quality and excitement. For game lovers: Of course, you will often play your favorite games on your Android phone. However, one of the common problems with smartphones or Android phones when gaming is that they get hot quickly.

An Android phone that gets hot very quickly while gaming is certainly very worrying, isn’t it? Of course, in the state of a hot mobile phone, it is almost impossible for you to continue your gaming activities. For those of you that this happens to, don’t worry because here I am sharing tips on how to handle a hot Android phone when it’s being used for gaming, especially heavy games with high-quality graphics that require lots of RAM and performance Wonder if one day your smartphone will quickly get hot.

Of course, the causes of Android phones getting hot while playing games are many, not only related to RAM, but also related to battery performance, Android system, and viruses in smartphones can cause smartphones to heat up easily . Then what are the steps to fix the problem? see the following review:

Stop using HP while charging

I can guarantee that the majority of smartphone users will definitely use it when the smartphone is self-charging. If this continues to happen, your cell phone battery will be damaged over time. Therefore, it is better if you turn it off or at least don’t use your Android phone while the battery is in the process of being charged. If you only open a chat application, this is not a problem, but of course, if you play heavy games, your smartphone will quickly get hot as a result.

Turn off WiFi

Have you ever experienced Android phone battery suddenly getting hot? When was that not the case before? It could be because the wifi is on and connected to the internet. You must know that using WiFi requires a lot of battery power and it is not surprising if your mobile phone suddenly gets hot. Therefore, the best solution is to turn off your mobile Wi-Fi.

Application Updates

Maybe most people don’t want to update the application or even at all, although updating the application to a newer version than before is very important. One of them is to maximize the performance of your mobile phone so that it doesn’t get hot so quickly, you don’t need to update it to the latest version. It is also enough to simply switch to a newer version than before.

Turn off HP

The final step to fix Android phone getting hot while playing games is to turn off the phone temporarily. This is very important to get your Android back to normal. Turning off the mobile phone will cause the components in it such as the battery and others to stop for a moment, so after a restart the Android phone will work normally and increase the performance.

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