Request for Answering Questions – In the past, to find answers to a question, you had to enter the search input and open the page individually. Now there is a question answering application that can make it easier for you to help solve any question.

Solution keys for various courses and lectures are available through this application for android devices. Suitable for students of all levels, from kindergarten to college.

This includes private schools. It is also an option for students of Islamic madrasas and schools. You can get some of these programs by clicking on the link below.

Application recommendations to answer questions

Request for Answering Questions

Infokekinian provides several applications that you can use to answer questions.

Application for answering spiritual questions

Special feature:

question and answer
question filter

Brainly is a website that you may be familiar with. Brainly was already available as a web browser extension before the app was launched. Respond to other users by answering their questions. Both answer multiple choice and fill out.

Answers to questions about religion, Indonesian, English, Arabic and Japanese can be found here. This is a great place to reply. To ask a question, you must answer a question from another user. No need to worry, you can answer the question with a photo.

There is a messaging option that allows you to communicate with other people via social media, for example. So it’s a great place to respond in QA rounds with other knowledgeable people.

Ruangguru application

Special feature:

Study videos and timelines
Ruangguru live
question bank

Especially in the age of distance learning Application for answering questions This is being used more and more often. This is because Ruangguru offers various facilities to take Physical Education, Sport and Health (PJOK) courses and other courses at different levels of education.

Paying for this app offers a number of benefits. You can ask challenging questions, such as math storytelling. You can also use the question bank to refresh your knowledge before exams.

In addition, there is a Roboguru feature in the Ruangguru application. You can share lesson snippets here to get answers. The delivery method is via WhatsApp. Then this application takes over the programming to answer your questions.

Snap app to answer questions

Guides on accounting, economics and statistics will benefit greatly from this application. Because here you are only allowed to ask questions by being shot with the snap function.

This application is primarily used to answer questions from common courses using formulas and graphics. For example, answer questions from the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics and other fields.

However, Socrates may still be answering questions from other disciplines, such as geography or other social sciences. Because Socrates’ camera not only focuses on numbers, but also on letters. If you don’t want to take a picture, you can ask the question you are looking for an answer to.

Zenius application to answer questions

Special feature:

ask questions
tutorial video
Practice questions for the test

The Zenius application aims to help make the learning process more convenient and useful. Here is a library of practice test FAQs. There are preparation packages for UTBK, UM, PAS, PTS and other exams.

The arts and crafts class can answer from using this application. Because this application was developed by a technology-based education company from Indonesia itself. So that the learning in it is consistent with the curriculum of schools in Indonesia.

Zenius can also help answer science, social science, civic, and other topics. There are various educational films that can be used for learning. You can use Zenius for free or for a fee, depending on your preference.


So these are some of the applications that you can use. Now you can choose which application you think is effective. Hope it’s useful!

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