Specifications for Apex Legend Mobile Game Applications

Infokekinian.com – We will discuss the specifications for the Apex Legend Mobile game application, let’s see what the specifications are!

Apex Legends is expected to launch on Android and iOS devices. So what are the minimum requirements for Apex Legend Mobile? Here are all the specs you need to know.

The game Apex Legends was very popular back then. This battle royale game occupied the top position on Twitch for a long time after its release.

Several well-known streamers and youtubers including Shroud, Ninja and other influencers have also played this game and even entered the Twitch tournament.

According to the circulating news, the game will be released in a cartoon or animation style mobile version, leaving many curious about the specifications or minimum specifications of Apex Legend Mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile release date

The Apex Legends game has not yet been released. This Electronic Arts game is currently still in beta or testing in a number of countries including the Philippines and India.

EA has not yet made a definitive announcement on the release date of this one game. Meanwhile, players in the Philippines and India can already download the Apex Legends Mobile beta in their respective countries.

However, this app is available in the Google Play Store but cannot be downloaded. To do this, you’ll have to wait for the game’s worldwide release before you can play it.

This game application is highly dubious. This is because EA has not officially announced the minimum requirements for Apex Legend Mobile, as well as their recommendations.

On this occasion, Sabilia will try to discuss the minimum specs and recommendations for Apex Legend based on leaks from various mainstream media.

Spot minimum Apex Legend Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile game is free to download from Google Play Store. However, some users may not be able to find game apps in Google Play Store.

Users may only see the words “This item is not available in your country” or phrases when trying to open it from a link. This application is not compatible with your device.

Apex Legends is currently playable on Android devices running OS 6.0, however there is no further information on the official Apex Legends page.

This game can be played with at least the Snapdragon 625 chipset, according to Indozone, which received a leak from IGN India, and is recommended to use the iPhone 8 for iOS.

Apex Legend Mobile spec recommendations

EA has not released the recommended specs for Android and iOS phones capable of playing the Apex Legends Mobile game.

However, for iOS devices, it is recommended to use an iPhone 8 or later with a minimum specification of A11 Bionic processor. For Android, the use of a Snapdragon 625 or higher processor is recommended.

At this time, we have not shared any specific details regarding the minimum and recommended Apex Legend Mobile phone specs for playing the game.

Keep checking this page or the official Apex Legends blog for more detailed information on the minimum requirements for Apex Legend Mobile.


So that’s an overview of the Apex Legend Mobile specifications. This game application is released for Android and iOS users. We also explain the recommendations for use. Much luck!

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