This is how you easily transfer Shopeepay credit to your credit – Here you can find information on how to easily transfer Shopeepay balance to credit. For more complete and clear information, read this article till the end.

Many people use Dana and ShopeePay, which are e-wallets. As a result, an unexpected number of people have accounts with Dana and ShopeePay. We discussed how to transfer funds to ShopeePay 2021 in a previous article.

This is how you easily transfer Shopeepay credit to your credit

TF Since these two e-wallets make life easier for their users, many users use Dana and ShopeePay.

You may need to transfer your balance from ShopeePay to the Dana app and vice versa if you use Dana and ShopeePay.

In this article, we will show you how to transfer Shopeepay to Dana. To transfer your ShopeePay balance to Dana, use the method below.

How to transfer Shopeepay to a credit

You can make ShopeePay transfers to the Dana app anytime, anywhere. How to transfer ShopeePay balance to wallet:

  1. Open the Shopee application and then click on your ShopeePay balance.
  2. Make sure you already have a business or merchant fund so you have QRIS to send your ShopeePay balance to Funds at a later date.
  3. You can then click the payment button on ShopeePay and enter or scan your QRIS balance. For those unfamiliar with QRIS, this is a QR code that can be used to transfer funds to a Dana account.
  4. Click the tick button and enter the amount you want to transfer to the fund account.
  5. Click the “Continue” button and then click the “Pay Now” button.
  6. Enter your ShopeePay PIN to continue the transfer to your Ada account.

After the transfer process is complete, you can immediately check your account balance.

Shopee pays the administration fee to DANA

Then please note that there are no administration fees for transferring money from Shopeepay to Shopee’s DANA account.

Therefore, the Shopeepay balance deducted in transactions is only the nominal transfer.

For example, if your Shopeepay balance is IDR 50,000 and you transfer IDR 20,000 to DANA, your Shopeepay balance will be IDR 30,000.

How to top up funds from Shopeepay

The first way to transfer the Shopeepay balance to DANA is through Alfamart. In the Shopee application we did not find a menu to add a DANA bank.

Therefore, we use Alfamart as one of the Shopeepay merchants. How to top up your Shopeepay balance on DANA:

  1. Visit your nearest AlfaMart.
  2. Just go to the Alfamart checkout.
  3. If you want to top up your DANA balance, please inform the Alfamart cashier.
  4. View your mobile phone number registered in the DANA application.
  5. Indicate the nominal value of the DANA refill at Alfamart.
  6. Confirm the payee’s name and top-up amount, and after confirmation, make the payment.
  7. Now please use shopeepay to pay Alfamart if available, exchange the Shopee coins for the DANA credit and then enter the Shopeepay PIN in the last step.
  8. The DANA balance on the Shopeepay account that you use to pay at Alfamart will also increase.

How to transfer Shopeepay to DANA via Ahlipulsa

The next way to withdraw Shopeepay balance to DANA is with the help of Pulsa Expert.

How to top up your DANA balance with Shopeepay via Expertpulsa:

  1. Visit the Expertpulsa website.
  2. If you don’t have an account yet, please register.
  3. Login to Expertpulsa with the username and password you just created.
  4. Select more on the home page.
  5. Choose a fund.
  6. Then enter the mobile phone number registered in the DANA application.
  7. Choose the face value to top up the DANA balance.
  8. Swipe down until you find the verification code, then enter it in the right column.
  9. Choose QRIS OVO, LinkAja, Shopee, DANA payment method.
  10. Then place an order.
  11. Check below if there is a QR code and also check the total bills and expenses.
  12. Then take a screenshot of this QR code.
  13. Open the Shop app.
  14. Use shopeepay to click “Pay”.
  15. On the QR code scanning page, click the image logo in the upper right corner.
  16. Go to the gallery page and select the previous screenshot.
  17. Then click the check mark in the top right corner of the mobile screen.
  18. Go to the payment page, confirm the payee name and payment amount are correct, and proceed.
  19. If you want to convert it to DANA credit, please exchange Shopee Coins.
  20. Then click on Pay.
  21. Enter your Shopeepay PIN.
  22. The payment was successful and successful.

Check DANA balance. The credit increases compared to the previous Shopeepay top-up.

Transfer Shopeepay to your balance via Shopee Stalls

If the first method doesn’t work, please try the second method. The principle of this method is to buy a credit from a seller on Shopee and then use your ShopeePay balance to process the payment.

  1. Please open your Shopee application
  2. Type top up in the search bar and select search.
  3. There will be several providers offering this service. Choose the store with the highest sales and a score greater than 4.5. This shows that the seller is credible and we can avoid fraud.
  4. For example, I choose the city of Bandung with a sales volume of over 10,000 and a score of 4.9
  5. Please click on the shop, then please read the description. Because you really have to follow the rules. You cannot place an order directly without prior confirmation.
  6. Please chat and say you want to charge.
  7. Don’t forget to include the target number and denomination.
  8. Later you will receive a list of administrative costs that need to be added. For example, if the denomination is 10,000 rupiah, you will be charged 3,000 rupiah. Then you only have to pay 13,000 IDR
  9. Place an order by purchasing 13 x 1,000
  10. During checkout, don’t forget to use Shopeepay to choose a payment method
  11. If so, please select “Place order”, then “Payment”, enter your Shopeepay PIN and confirm
  12. Successful, wait a moment, your balance will increase.


That’s some info on how to transfer Shopeepay balance to credit, including tips on when to transfer it.

Hence the article on how to transfer Shopeepay balance to balance easily and don’t forget to keep visiting Infokekinian website.

Because we also have a lot of other information and recommendations that will of course be useful and help current friends.

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